stadium birdeyeview Google Maps updated for Beijing Olympics 2008 Google has recently updated its Maps for the upcoming huge Beijing Olympics 2008. It has now incorporated detailed map titles for the major cities of China. Google allows its users to pay a virtual visit around the world by sitting on a office chair or with a single click. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Google Maps has changed the real world into a virtual world.

Users can now view the stadiums built for Beijing Olympics 2008 with EarthSwoop’s Beijing Olympics. The site uses Google Browser plug-in to display 3D buildings that have been built for Google Earth.

china googlemap thumb2 Google Maps updated for Beijing Olympics 2008

While Google has also updated its Maps for Japan cities. The service will now display the names of some commercial locations and houses. Below is the snap-shot for the Japan based Google Map, where the names have been marked with a small red dot.

japan mapmania thumb Google Maps updated for Beijing Olympics 2008

The new improvement will surely help users to have a clearer 3D view of Olympics stadiums. Those who cannot go Beijing due to lack of resources or time will find it a handy tool.

Google is actively participating to celebrate upcoming Olympics by rolling out different products. Google Desktop had already released a gadget that will keep exhilarated sports fan updated with the number of days left.

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