livelypage thumb1 Google Lively is going Lifeless

Google launched its Virtual World ‘Lively’ last month with a hope of exploring new ways in the Web traits. With an abrupt growth in the number of 3D worlds, it was expected that the Internet Giant will definitely make the mark by attracting millions of users and fans. But the report by Economist reveals that it has flopped badly and despite of ‘Google’ name and fame in the Internet niche, it was unable to achieve public confidence and sizable User base like its competitors such as Second Life and Vivaty.

Google Lively was expected to be of great potential. It doesn’t require any kind of complex software installations like World of Warcraft and is simple and efficient to bring life to the Virtual World. It only needs a plug-in installation to get started and thus users can enter any of the available 3- D chat rooms. The whole idea seems to revolved around the ‘simplicity’ of the Virtual world product. But the current statistics and surveys shows that peoples are highly disliking it and its dump with the negative comments and reviews.

Though in the short span of month, we cannot predict any thing but its true that its hardly used by anyone and its an alarming sign for the project developers.

There would be number of reasons behind its decline progress. According to Virtual World Expert, you cannot talk with anyone in Lively and this missing factor could be a great hindrance in its popularity.  Other sites offers creativity, commerce and lots of built-in games and thus have sizable User base. One of the reason of its failure could be its ban on Virtual Life Sex, that was highly opposed by the Internet Users.

While Lively team is quiet optimistic about the whole situation. Mark Young, a member of the Lively team said that despite of crashes, log-in difficulties and hard-to read text, the service will soon be updated.

“Everything. Much of the user interface is not as complete or polished as planned in designs.”

Its true that the Internet Giant is splendidly known as the ‘Search Giant’. Even Google continues to graduate some new services from its Labs, history reveals that not every Google service has been a great hit. Services like Orkut, Froogle, Google Finance, Google Blog Search and Gmail have not been so strong to rule the international Internet market so far. Google’s dominance in the Search market doesn’t mean that it can mark its nail in every type of field/service.