googlelogo1 Google jumps into the battle field with its ‘Google Video for Business’Though Google did try to make something out of the YouTube, but they have failed in this regard. Instead of wasting any more time, the search engine giant has launched video sharing for business which is a lot similar to YouTube. The newly launched video service is not going to be free.

The video will be available for the users from Monday. The service will be added to the business edition of Google Apps which is a paid service. Google will have to compete with some of the already available services such as CISCO which recently launched ‘Enterprise TV’, ‘Brightcove’, that concentrates on the video for the media industry. With this launch, the competition is likely to heat up and it seems like a new race is about to commence.

It is unlikely for Google to compete with Fliqz at this stage because the later concentrates on allowing small businesses to create their own videos where as the prior only lets you share it. So, in order to give Fliqz a tough time, Google has to go a long way.

The service will be available for Google Apps users who pay $50 a person per year in order to utilize services such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Docs along with other communication and collaboration tools. A free version is also available but it doesn’t contain customer support and APIs. An educational version will be available for free from September 8th 2008 till March 9th, 2009. After March 9, users will have to pay $10 per user a year.

According to the product management director of the enterprise division of Google, Matt Glotzbach:

We want to make video mainstream for business, just like YouTube did for consumer video.

The service will let users to have space of 3 Giga Bytes per account and they can view as many videos as they want. Furthermore users will be able to upload videos upto 300 Mega Bytes, irrespective of the length of the videos. Unlike YouTube, not all the users will be able to see the videos which means that the videos would be restricted.

Over 500k businesses use Google Apps and around 3000 users sign up every day. The current number of active users of Google Apps are over 10 million and a lot of them pay for the premier version.

According to Ted Schadler, analyst at Forrester Research:

This is a bottom up thing.

There’s no employee-driven video market today, but lots of use cases. Training video, sales force pro talks, field service repair videos, meet the team videos and others.

Check out the demo of Google Video for Business.

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