image thumb26 Google Integrates ‘Visited’ And ‘Not Yet Visited’ Options In Search [Rumor?]

I am not sure if all of you have already seen this on Google, but I was tipped by my dear friend Mohammad Ali Yaqub [@calyps] on a few features he noticed on Google Search. The picture shows interesting options to enhance your search experience.

Google had already released similar search features earlier, which included the Wonder Wheel and already had options like the Standard view, Timeline, standard results, translated search, etc. But an interesting inclusion is at the top where Google has included the options beneath All Results which include, visited pages and those not yet visited. I guess these options would be really helpful in filtering search results, especially those that you previously clicked on but didn’t find them useful enough. That would seriously lessen the amount of time wasted with the inclusion of less useful links and bring more useful ones to the top.

I am still not sure on this and wonder if anyone of our readers can confirm the same? Would appreciate if you can also send us a snapshot at mohkim.khan [at] startupmeme [dot] com.

image thumb27 Google Integrates ‘Visited’ And ‘Not Yet Visited’ Options In Search [Rumor?]