image thumb36 Google has all it takes to trouble Microsoft and this time its Chrome OS

It has mastered the web and continues to dominate it with every passing moment. Today Google moved ahead and in the most direct assault on Microsoft‘s desktop empire has announced its very own OS named, Google Chrome Operating System. The OS will be launched in the second half of 2010 and it will definitely do netbook users a great favor. Why? Well almost all the netbooks presently run Windows XP, a powerful OS but way too old, where as Chrome OS would be running on the much newer ARM chips as well as the x86 design. But what does take the cake away will be the OS being Open Sourced. Think of all the developers creating all those apps and tools that make things easier and bring more innovation.I bet Microsoft isn’t going to get along with the idea of going open sourced, but if it does have any plans to stay as a leader, at being the leading OS in netbooks, Microsoft will have to do something way better with its coming OS, Windows 7.

I have always sided with the idea of bringing the entire computing experience into the browser. We have got a bulk of services that run right within your standard browser, be it Google Docs, Calendar, tasks, etc. Lets wait and see how things shape up after Google releases its Chrome OS’ open source code later this year.

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