image thumb131 Google Enables Phone Calls On Gmail: Talk About A Dent On Carriers!

This is super awesome, beginning today Google will enabling Voice calls right from their Gmail. Alright all skeptics, we could do voice chat but that needed both folks to be at their devices, but that changes. Err, let’s not be so nice, it’s a huge hit on the phone services as users will now be able to call any phone directly from their Gmail.

The good news, however is for those who will be making calls to the US and Canada, given they will be allowed to make free calls for the entire remaining year. Calls to other countries will however be charged, but expect them to be at very cheap rates. If Google is right, these calls will be as low as $0.02 per minute.

Making a phone call is no big deal, simply click on the Call Phone button just above the Chat Box and dial the number to make a call. You can even make calls by entering the contact’s name. I am just waiting for this to come out for users outside the US. However if you happen to be using the Google Apps the feature might not be visible for you yet.