googlemapslogo thumb Google Earth plugin for browser getting popularity The new Google Earth plugin for browser is getting popular day by day. It let Google Maps developers to incorporate added features of Google Earth in their mashups. Now with the efforts of Street Cities and Google Hacks, you can add Google Earth to your own blog or website, even when you’re not a developer.

Street Cities merges Google Street View and the Google Earth Browser to create double map that allows you to view both locations simultaneously in the air or on ground. The navigation around Google Map in Street View is tracked by the Google Earth plugin. An interesting aspect in watching the Google Map is that it rotates as you turn around in the Street View.

dualmap thumb Google Earth plugin for browser getting popularityIf you select a location, you can create your own dual map which is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? Once the map is created, Street Cities generates it along with a few lines of code (of map) which can be embedded in your website or blog.

On the other hand Google Hacks have added an option to view their collection through the Google Earth browser plugin. When the Google Earth plugin option is chosen, a code appears above the map which is embeddable in your blog or website.
pyramid thumb Google Earth plugin for browser getting popularity
Now you don’t have to rely on any specific website to view the places of your interest. It is now available for different sites and you can easily embed the code in your own website/blog.

Images via (GoogleMapsMania)