image134 Google Docs’ File Upload can be ‘Automated’If you want to upload file(s) from a web address, Google Docs provides you an opportunity to do so. Though the file upload option is there, it isn’t the most handy one. However there is a link available that can help you open a document in Google Docs from the Internet.

The link is valid for different formats like documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF, having extensions such as .doc - .txt - .html - .rtf - .odt - .xls - .csv - .ods - .ppt - .PDF - etc.

Check out the direct link below:

If you’re logged in to your Google account and your browser is still open, you can very easily create a batch file in Windows. The file will automate the upload of various files to Google Docs.

e.g. the text below can be easily saved as a .bat file after being copied in the Notepad and after its processing, both the PDF files will be uploaded to the Google Docs in separate tabs of the browser(Firefox).

start /d "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox" firefox

start /d "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox" firefox

An alike option is offered by Firefox’s Google Toolbar. The toolbar lets you unwrap documents in Google Docs through the internet.

If you want to learn more about the Google Docs, check out the video below:

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