image thumb28 Google Chromebook Announced At The Google I/OThe Google I/O has been eventful so far but the best news has come today. Google in a bid to make computers better will be rolling out Chromebooks in collaboration with Samsung and Acer and news puts it that they will be super affordable with businesses getting them for $28 a month and Chromebooks for Education at $20 a month.

The Chromebooks are unlike the typically sickening than to watch your notebook wait to boot up and start and it gets irritating as hell when you start storing additional stuff (read – storages is half full). I bought one with a lot of enthusiasm but honestly I have only used it for a little over 100 hours in the last 8 months. With Chromebooks things change, a faster boot, a web based operating system, no need for installing anti-virus software, multiple layers of security and automated updates make life faster and lives up to the purpose efficient utilization of time.

The Chromebook is powered on the Chrome Browser and with millions of applications available, your needed tool to get the job done is just a click away. I mean you have the Google Docs, email, Calendar, Google Music, YouTube, etc all available for each of our needs. Developers are free to try and mash existing applications in order to create newer more powerful ones. So there is a lot to offer with this Google device and it lasts a day on a single recharge, meaning you have what you call true mobility.

At present there are over 160 million users of Chrome, giving these Chromebooks a lucrative market to expand and grow with. Obviously not everyone will jump into the bandwagon and throw out those Traditional Operating System based devices, but will give them a useful alternative to their mobility needs.

Following is a video introducing the Chromebook:

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