image thumb9 Google Chrome Turns Two, Gets A More Stable Version 6

Google Chrome is worth having, by every means and its market share of 7.5% is impressive. You might consider it very less when compared to the gargantuan 60.4 percent share that the Internet Explorer has and close to 23 percent that of Firefox, but they have been around for a fairly long time. Chrome just celebrated its second birthday and what it has achieved is great.

On it’s second birthday Google release Chrome Version 6. The latest version promises more stability for more effective browsing, numerous improvements and the focus as per Google tradition remains on speed and simplicity for the browsing experience. I am not surprised, though I still wonder why there is so much fuss about about a crashing Chrome or that the Chrome is bound to crash? I have used Chrome ever since its launch and other than the very initial releases it hasn’t crashed as I had anticipated based on those numerous reports. But that’s another story.

The latest build has built in support for Adobe Flash and boasts HTML5, one thing that has been the pet peeve for Google’s browser. And if I am not wrong, the prevalence of HTML5 will contribute a great deal to the higher market share for Chrome in the browse market.

Startup Meme’s users are quite uniformly divided across the browsers they use with Chrome getting visits being close to 20%. What browser are you using right now? Leave us your answer in the comments.

image thumb10 Google Chrome Turns Two, Gets A More Stable Version 6

You can download Chrome Version 6 here.