It has been quite a lot of Google talk lately and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. From the coming of the Chrome Web Store to the Google Nexus S and the Chrome OS but I guess we missed out the most important news here. Google is offering its Chrome OS Netbooks right on the release of the OS itself. The launch was made spicier when Google decided to giveaway a few of these netbooks to selected people for testing. How?

image thumb43 Google Chrome OS Netbooks Giveaway Goes Live! Try Your Luck

Well this pilot program has been initiated for the residents of the US alone for now and those of you wishing to participate need to be at least 18 years of age. Though the netbook isn’t something new and had been first announced back in 2009, it is the first time the Chrome OS netbooks are released in bulk for tests.

In order to participate in the program you will have to fill out the application, beginning with specifying what you intend to use the Chrome OS netbook for. Google will go through the entire application and assess the right candidate to have the netbook. Lets see if one of our readers is lucky enough to grab one and let us know about their experience!

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