image thumb18 Google Chrome OS Coming On December 7, Hold Steady Windows!

There has been a lot of fuss indeed over the coming of the Google Chrome OS since July last year. We have seen it running on the Apple iPad and Google’s plans to use the Chrome OS to power iPad competitors alike. But today reports broke out about the upcoming Google Chrome OS Event which is scheduled to take place on December 7 in San Francisco.

The invitation above is one for the guests who have been invited specifically for the event and the best bit is we might actually see it released for the numerous devices. The Open Source operating system is what Google thinks is the future of operating systems for powering the netbooks and handheld devices, much like the Android tablets and the iPad. Having this would drastically reduce load time for the netbooks and related devices. We will be seeing how the event goes about and what Google has to offer, perhaps it will give in Windows 7 a tough time over the next year.

We will update our readers about the event as it happens on the 7th December.

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Engadget via RP