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Everyone running Google AdWords campaigns knows that checking and adjusting keyword bids every day can really be a hassle. Until now, small businesses and startups have had to manage their advertising on top of doing everything else that goes along with owning a business. There just isn’t enough time in a day to do it all on your own and that’s exactly why you need WordWatch.

WordWatch is a cost-effective alternative to ad agencies that automates AdWords management. It monitors your keyword bids, analyzes your keyword data and adjusts your bids every day to make sure that you’re getting the most clicks and conversions.

In a market where average costs per click have risen 400% over the last four years, WordWatch is perfect for small businesses and startups who need to promote their products and services without breaking the bank. They’re able to work with any budget, regardless of how small or big, and they’ve been able to increase the average customer’s clicks by 30% within the first three months. On top of that, their app has helped saved advertisers up to 50% on their keyword bids.

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All you have to do is connect your AdWords account with WordWatch and they’ll begin optimizing your campaigns within a few hours, it couldn’t be easier.

Not yet on AdWords? WordWatch offers a starter package that will get you up and running ads in no time. They’ll create an account for you, do keyword research, write your text ads and manage your keyword bids for three months.

WordWatch even offers a free plan for you to test their service out, risk-free. If you think your AdWords could use a boost, check them out today!

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