image thumb25 Google Acquires Motorola, Why Exactly?

Riddled by the recent happenings of Microsoft firing ferociously at it, Google for some odd reason appears to be on wobbly grounds. The entire issue from this to the Google Plus saga paints quite a different picture that we usually see about Google. Not that controversies and a few hiccups here and there are new to Google, but the search giant has never really been on the defensive. Not until now.

The biggest burst came in today when news of Google closing in a $12.5 Billion agreement to buy Motorola Mobility has got everyone thinking: Why this move when Google’s Android system already has numerous mobile manufacturers producing Android devices at bulk. One plain reason is it never hurts a company producing a mobile operating system, that too a successful one to have a hardware that it can call its own. The other reason is or must I say, are Patents. With this deal Google bags over 17,000 patents that the mobile handset manufacturer possesses. It has been a patent war in terms of designs thus far and all this is only going to get stronger in times to come.

Now there could be a hundred reasons to this but what to be the major one is, Google has no manufacturer that solely produces Android based smartphones. Think of it, HTC, Samsung, Motorola to name a few have been producing both Android and Windows Phone 7 / Windows Mobile based devices, which doesn’t add anything to Android other than being another mobile operating system up for grabs. Apple has its own hardware, the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch homing its own iOS, while Microsoft has shook hands with Nokia to produce Windows Phone based Mobile devices. The picture leaves Google out and thus a major reason why it has decided to buy Motorola. I could be wrong, but I don’t see any other justification to this.

I am not going to quote in any other manufacturer, let this be my opinion totally. Maybe an in depth analysis of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility in a future post will be a better idea.

By the way, I would sincerely request Google to do something about the Star War inspired hardware designs of Motorola.

What do you think about this acquisition and how would it impact the mobile industry and Google’s position in the Mobile market? Let us know in the comments.

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