image thumb20 Google Acquires AppJet: Let EtherPad Do Something With Wave

Quite an acquisition day today, beginning with Apple acquiring Lala and now Google making the move as it acquired AppJet. The startup provides users with its online collaboration platform and with this acquisition, Google would merge the startup with Wave. The acquisition would bring AppJet’s EtherPad team working in Google’s Wave project.

That sounds quite effective given that EtherPad enabled users to edit documents and with changes occurring in real time across the screens in real-time. That is much like Google Docs, isn’t it? I guess it would be of great value to the Wave project working with people who have been doing and it becoming a part of a venture that would eventually get people do more than just be traditional with emails. The Wave project has just peeked out and soon enough there will be features rolled out in time to come. 

A for the price of the acquisition, there has been no word on. However certain reports state that it is in the $10 million range. Sounds good enough, lets see how effective they are for Wave.