zoho olympicspage thumb Go live with Zoho Beijing Olympics 2008 Dashboard Beijing Olympics 2008  is one of the most discussed event nowadays. Every one has caught its fever and is trying to have a scoop of it by re-defining their services. People are carving ways to stay tuned with the events’ latest trends and many of the services like Google, YouTube, Lego, Veetle, BitTorrent are joining the amaranthine race of fostering latest Olympics Highlights and News. Zoho, an online office suite provider, is yet another service to join the Olympics wagon.

Zoho has built a Live Olympics 2008 Dashboard that will keep on updating all sports fans with the latest trends of the games. The dashboard will serve as a concrete platform where you can have wholesome information about Olympics’ competition via charts, diagrams, reports and graphs. Folks at Zoho would be generating periodic reports and results through Zoho DB while the Live dashboard is created using Zoho Wiki.

List of available reports include:

  1. Day by Day Medal progress in Olympics 2008 of top performing countries.
  2. China vs USA head-head comparison.
  3. Top 7 countries – By Overall Medal count, By Men Event Winners, By Women Event Winners.
  4. Performance of a Country when being a Olympics Host vs as Non Host.
  5. many more…

So, if you are an office worker or a student and an exhilarated sports fan at the same time than you can now keep an eye on the latest Olympics trends by sticking to your work. Therefore, catch the Zoho Olympics fever and stay tuned with its live dashboard here.

Zoho is steadily growing by adding promising features. Its ongoing progress and devotion will surely help it to gain a lot popularity and massive votes.