General Motors posted an infomercial on Youtube, hoping to get similar sort of response as videos of Barack Obama or LonelyGirl15 gets from the site, only to find out the scare tactics can go that far. The video has received just around 137,731 views till now. But thats not the entire story – 1,116 people have rated it and its current rating is a merciless 2 star. In addition to this majority of the 885 comments have called for the Gov. to not bailout the monster and just let it fail. See a sample comment below:

Do not bailout the big three. It would essentially be socialism for corporations. And rather than spending resources on complaining, playing victim, and forcing economic armageddon if not bailed out, why does GM not spend more time on research and development? I’ve owned an American SUV that had its transmission break at about 120,000 miles (and had a number of issues prior). I now own a Honda that has over 205,000 miles. My Honda has yet to have a problem, yet!