image thumb322 Gmail Vulnerability exploited yet again

Looks like a cracker is roaming free in the web-sphere, ceasing every opportunity to steal a domain and he is using a Gmail flaw for the purpose. There have been three cases in less than three weeks as Aibek reports of it and it appears he is still at large while targets voice their issue and beg concerned parties (a.k.a Gmail, domain registration sites, etc). The cracker is using a Gmail vulnerability (first reported almost a year back) that had been discussed at length on GNUCitizen but it appears the problem has once again caught attention and is already causing stir in the web world. Aibek has listed a few steps to minimize any such threat through your Gmail account:

(1) Well, my very first advice would be to check your email settings and make sure your email is not compromised. Check fowarding options and filters. Also make sure to disable IMAP if you don’t use it. This also applies to Google Apps accounts.

(2) Change contact email in your sensitive web accounts (paypal, domain registrar etc.) from your primary Gmail account to something else. If you own the website then change the contact email for your host and registrar accounts to some other email. Preferably to something that you aren’t logged in to when browsing web.

(3) Make sure to upgrade your domain to private registration so that your contact details don’t show up on WhoIS searches. If you’re on GoDaddy I’d recommend going with Protected Registration.

(4) Don’t open links in your email if you don’t know the person they are coming from. And if you decide to open the link make sure to log out first.