google labslogo thumb Gmail SuperStars from Exploratory Gmail Labs Features gmaillogo thumb Gmail SuperStars from Exploratory Gmail Labs Features Gmail Labs has recently launched variety of features that adds creativity and flexibility to your web mail system. Around 13 of features were added by Google Engineers to make it all more feasible and interesting and out of these sizable features Gmail’s starring service is worthy to discuss, as users can opt from 12 icons instead of sticking to a dull single star to flag his/her emails.

Enabling Superstars in Gmail Labs and selecting the most appropriate icons from Settings are the only steps that are needed to enhance your web mail system. Each icon has its own meaning such as red- bang (exclamation mark) can be used to flag important messages, you can flag your email with “quotes” to show that message needs a reply and an info icon to refer an email as a valuable content . You can make it faster by enabling keyboard shortcuts in Settings.

The superstars will rotate in the order shown below when you press the ‘s’ keyboard shortcut or when you click successively.

Users can also drag and drop any icon  from the “in use” row to a “Not in use” row. It allows you to search for a post with certain kind of star by using “has ” keyword along with a name of superstar. Following are the list of queries that would be useful in rendering an appropriate set of search mail results: 













Users can also access these queries with a single click by enabling the Quick Links labs feature. This will allow user to insert any query and by hitting a ”Add Quick Launch”  link, Google will instantly flag your chosen message with your desired query.

List of other available Gmail features are:

* Quick links

* Custom keyboard shortcuts

* Mouse gestures

* Show avatars in Gmail chat

* View messages in fixed width font

* Place the signature before the quoted text 

* Random signature from a feed

* Custom date formats

* Hide your friends’ status messages in Gmail chat

* Snake

* Email addict

* Hide unread count