failwhale Gmail Down Again

It appears Google has taken a dump with the dump of Google Buzz, Jaiku and many other services it plans to kill. It appears that Gmail is down globally and where it is working, it is very slow. Make that very very slow as a matter of fact. Any clues why Gmail is down?

We are are receiving quite a lot of updates via Twitter of almost everyone complaining about Gmail being down. It’s slow and dies out all of a sudden. Gmail is known for its service outages every year and it happens regularly, perhaps it’s this time of the year when they are busy updating features or something. But shouldn’t they inform users via an update? Jokes aside, I think with the bulk of users using Gmail and sending a billion emails to and fro, it is not a surprise if the service goes down. I don’t blame Google for the Gmail outage.

Are you facing Gmail Downtime or is Gmail Slow? Do leave us a comment below and let us know how long Gmail has been down for you all. We will see how quickly Google fixes Gmail.

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