image21 GetClicky puts Google Chrome’s share near 3% Google re-started the browser wars yesterday with the launch of its own browser named Chrome. We all might have anticipated a big start-off for the browser given how dominant is across the Web-sphere and its doesn’t come off as a surprise that in less than a day since its launch Chrome has amassed a 2.876% of the global market share for browsers. The report analysis reported this based on data from more than 45,000 unique websites on Clicky Web Analytics.

The report also puts up a comparison with other browsers putting the Internet Explorer at the top with 52.24% followed by Firefox 35.47%.

Should this be taken as a consistent growth? It will be quite speculative as Michael Arrington also reported that such numbers might very well fall down as users go back to their initial browsers and such a boom comes off due to the hype that is being created.

No one would put down the growth that might very well come Chrome’s way as the browser is used by users (download here). I used Chrome myself and found it pretty quick at loading pages added with its features (click for screenshots). What I think is that the numbers would go down a bit as users try to get rid of the habit of using their browsers (I am still using Firefox) and eventually get become more permanent users of Chrome. But that’s just a thought let’s see what amount of market share Chrome musters in the next few months.

Update: The current share is 2.90049%

image thumb23 GetClicky puts Google Chrome’s share near 3%