suggestnamelogo Get domain name suggestion at SuggestNameIf you’re worried about choosing a suitable domain name and its availability on the web, just log on to SuggestName. As the name says it all, it is a web 2.0 name generator which helps you find names for your Web 2.0 site.

The site is interesting due to the service it provides and also because of the fact that it comprises of only one page. The interface is really Cool. You will see four boxes under the heading of ‘Prefix’, ‘Suffix’, ‘Results’ and ‘Scratcboard’. You can choose a prefix and suffix from the available options or you can enter one of your choice. e.g. You can add ‘Black’ in the prefix and ‘Sword’ in the suffix, the result will be like ‘BlackSword’. Once done, press combine and see all the possible results. Choose the names from ‘Results’ or select all of them and look for their online availability. A new window will open and it will be directed to another site dotster which will show you the current status of the domain.

You can bookmark the site, share it to different micro-blogging services like Digg, Reddit, etc. and social networks like Facebook.

If I have to look for a specific name why should I go to SuggestName and why not to dotster? It will certainly save my time if I go there directly but it won’t give me a variety of domain name suggestions (it will only check the availability of one word at a time) which makes SuggestName more special.

Anyway they have done a good job but they should add some company info and a help menu for new users. Furthermore you can’t move forward until you have entered a word in both Prefix and Suffix. The site should include a search where both are not mandatory (search should continue if a word is added in any one of them). Overall it is a good service.

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