image thumb58 Get Notifications Via Email From Your Facebook Fan Page

I am not sure how many of you are aware of being notified about activity on a Facebook Page that you have? I had been using a simple way for Startup Meme [which you can join here], especially on links that had been posted ages back. However had never shared the tip on this with our readers, thanks to our friend Andrea Vascellari who brought this to our notice and I thought it was time I shared this with our readers too. It isn’t any difficult to get this going for your page on the social network and you can easily get notifications by following the simple steps.

Before I begin, it must be clear that you own a Facebook Page and know how to make one or at least be a part of it. So what needs to be done here is simple:

1. The first step to it is that you make sure that the you have selected all the boxes under the Links section of your account settings [Account Settings ---> Notifications ---> Links]. This would simply send you an email on any activity on links that you share.

image thumb59 Get Notifications Via Email From Your Facebook Fan Page

2. Ensure that you Like the particular post on your Fan Page and each time your loyal Liker comments on the post, you will receive an email notification for the action.

image thumb60 Get Notifications Via Email From Your Facebook Fan Page

This, as stated previously would be of great help in case someone digs out an old link of yours and comments it. You will be duly notified about it via email and can then respond to it appropriately. I mean think of it, many folks would have simply unchecked the boxes to avoid being spammed by notifications, etc, not realizing how useful this could be. At least for those who use the pages for activities, like we do, you really don’t want to remain unaware of a follower having a query left unanswered.

Hope this tip was useful enough for our readers.