image thumb20 Geohot Vows To hack The Sony Xperia Play; The PlayStation Phone

There is a new story building up with Geohot and his growing pleasure in hacking or jailbreaking any and every Sony Device. Sony is still hurt with Geohot successfully jailbreaking its Sony PlayStation 3 which forced Sony to file lawsuit against him. But that isn’t stopping him is it?

Geohot recently voiced his interest or rather vowing to be the first one to jailbreak the Sony Xperia Play aka the PSP Phone or Sony PlayStation Phone. The idea? Well it isn’t just about showing how vulnerable gadgets are but to enable full utilization of the gadget’s hardware.

We are all eyes and ears to learn about how successful he really is but his statement clearly puts forth his mission:

will be the first person in line on the launch date of the Xperia Play, and itching to get my hands on the Next GEOHOT Project.

We will update as we hear more on this! You can however stay updated by following his posts here.

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