image thumb50 Geohot Is Waiting To Release An Untethered Bootrom Exploit. Will Jailbreak Upcoming iPhone 5 And All iOS Devices

Tethered jailbreaks, untethered jailbreaks, exploits, etc are all a common occurring when you talk about iOS devices. The likes of the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and the iPad always have another tool available to report on. The last couple of weeks have been dominated by Geohot, GreenPoisOn, Limera1n, etc and they haven’t yet stopped.

First things first, I was a bit lost as to why would Geohot use the Comex exploit with his Limera1n, especially when he had taken a year to release his new jailbreak tool? The reasons are now coming forth that Geohot has kept his exploit for Limera1n for the upcoming Apple iOS devices, much like the anticipated iPhone 5 on Verizon Wireless. This is exactly what the tweets from Comex and MuscleNerd hint at:

MuscleNerd: (translating that retweet of @comex: geohot has an iboot-level untethered exploit but held it back to conserve exploits)

I have been following the news on Jailbreak tools across the board and this is quite exciting. Primarily for the fact that there will be no waiting when the next firmware update or that to the iOS makes way from Apple. The Developers out there will be ready to bring forth an all new jailbreak instantly.

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