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Lost in a big city? Well Tagggit is there to help you out. Taggit is a geo-tagging social network made for people who live in big cities but don’t know much about the places or people in it. Now Tagging the city allows you to remember where you found a good parking spot, where you found a good coffee shop, etc. You can share those tags with friends and search for their friend’s recommendation tags. You can keep their tags private. You can join communities share tags with people who have similar interests.

The good thing that I liked about the app was that it contains a WPS system for you if you are on your cellphone that can find the phone’s position indoors, within seconds and accurate to 15 feet. So members don’t have to hang around waiting on a GPS fix. When a WPS fix is not available, the mobile application falls back on GPS.

Made by entrepreneur Loughlin Spollenthe, the application is really cool and deserves to be called one of the must to use apps of 2009.

Tagggit remains in beta but membership is now open to everyone and the application can be downloaded from the Tagggit.com website.

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