image thumb6 Gather Data about your Visitors using Crowd ScienceCrowd Science is a survey tool, which helps you gather more information about your visitors than any other traffic stats gathering tool. Crowd Science does this be providing your visitors with short, inline surveys, the results of which can be viewed in their very detailed interface along with comprehensive reports. It claims to be as polite and non-intrusive as possible, as it would not want to drive away your visitors.

The set up is very simple. You just have to sign up, add your site, tag your pages and you are done. Then you can chose between four types of survey invitations, customize their colors and include your branding and invitation text. Only a small number of people will be shown the survey invitation prompt, and the survey questions are chosen carefully to be useful to both publishers and and advertisers alike.

The reporting is done in real time, which is a plus point for Crowd Science. Or you can just view the graphs that span from day-in-week to hour-in-day views. If you’ve got multiple website, Crowd Science has got you covered for that as well, as it will provide support for all of them on your Crowd Science dashboard.

You can also share your data with others along with customizations on what you want to share and what not. This is very useful for publishers and advertisers to target demographics. The reports can also be exported in Excel and CSV format ( no PDF so far ).

For small publishers, Crowd Science is free. But for larger publishers or companies there is a premium version of the service that might be necessary to encompass the mass of data.

Crowd Science is a very useful service if you’re trying to find more details about your visitors. It does so with little annoyance that is associated with surveys and provides detailed statistics as well.

image thumb7 Gather Data about your Visitors using Crowd Science