gamevee GameVee: Game Clips YouTube We have seen quite a lot places on the web that show clips of your movies, songs etc, but when Vee (We) need videos (read sneaks) of games, GameVee comes rumbling with clips of home made game videos.

The YouTube of game videos (as they call it) offers you a wide range of game videos based on categories of games, like strategy, How To’s etc and on platform; the system that the game has been released for (console). You can also search for a particular video by entering the games name and load your screen up for a hi fi gaming drama.

The sight lets you do a whole lot of things once you are a member some of which include;

  • Submit your videos: you can either open the viewing to your friends or to the whole world.
  • Allows you o vote for videos from various other members or have a shot at making your video popular.

That’s just a glimpse of what it has to offer, but perhaps the best feature it has to offer is the Highlight; it takes away a great amount of burden away by enabling a user to highlight a certain part of the video they are interested in watching. There is no need to go through the entire thing; plus you get an edge, the moment you want to discuss about a sharp turn you took in GTA, and you want to talk about it, simply highlight it and discuss it at anytime you want to.

And then there is a Facebook Aps that lets you keep your Facebook friends updated on what you are up to at GameVee.

The site, may be something great for gamers and why not? Its purpose is to satisfy those who want everything there is upholding their madness for games. Other wise the site is pretty much of a useless weight on the Web.

One thing that really pissed me off here was the absolutely UNGAMY look of the site, far too plain and lifeless for the content it has been designed for.
gameveesnap GameVee: Game Clips YouTube