gmaillogo thumb Funny Gmail Error Messages When you are searching for something or logging into your account error messages like ‘session time out’ or ‘unable to reach destination’ are quiet common. But Gmail displays you some interesting, funny and unique error messages such as:


Dear valued user,

You have reached the error page for the error page…

You win!!

gmail errorpage thumb Funny Gmail Error Messages 

The ‘You win’ line could help frustrate users to calm down as they have reached an unreachable error page and therefore regarded as the ultimate winners by the Google team :).

Gmail’s meta-error page displays an effective and simple message:

‘Google can’t always win’.

So, you cannot blame Google as anything wrong could happened with anyone on this earth:). According to Google System this message sounds like the one from Google Reader:

"Oops! That wasn’t supposed to happen".

greader errorpage thumb Funny Gmail Error Messages 

Sometimes, Gmail neither display an error message nor an error page but a neat and clean blank page appears on your browser that lets you think for a while what actually is happening at the back end.

(The screen shots are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial by Viofiddler and Creative Commons Attribution by Ashley Dryden respectively)