fuego nationa Fuego Nation – The Social Network with A Difference…

Well what can we say, the web is filled with thousands of social networks, but interestingly no such social network to my knowledge was particularly made to signify people passions. Well Fuego Nation, a new social network, was made specifically based on that notion. The site today opened up to a private beta launch as well.

The site is all about the things in your life you care about most or find most inspirational. It’s about showing people what you’re passionate about, discovering others’ interests, and connecting with them. Unlike other social networking sites, the site uses rich media and active user interaction techniques such when you discover people you click on the arrows for a photo carousel. If you see a photo of someone interesting, you click on it. The photo flips around and shows you a card that the person has filled out about their passion.

In a way the site blends a mixture of both normal Facebook like social networks along with that being of customizable social network creation such as ning.

The company got $1.5 million in funding in March last year and now has six employees. The company is facing humongous challenges ahead of its self, and if not considering to get more investments, God knows how they are going to make it.

But one thing has to be said, its not just a Photoviewer and the 3D applications are cool.

Check it out and leave us your comments…