image thumb80 From Live to Kumo/Bing and $100 million in marketing..Microsoft continues its struggle to compete with Google in Search

Now when I hear about Microsoft trying one thing or the other in order to stand and compete Google in Search, I just laugh it off. They have tried bribing users with Cash backs for using Live Search and now they are trying to put the rebranding of into reality. The name taken for the project was Kumo (a codename for the time being), which in Japanese means a cloud or spider. Rightly chose, I can bet it’s going to remain cloud-ed or spider-ed by the overwhelming presence of Google. The search engine has been given a name, Bing  and is definitely not an update to Bing will be released within a couple of days, but what actually triggered me to write another post on this was MG Siegler’s report of a leaked Bing logo and Microsoft spending as much as a $100 million on it marketing campaign. That isn’t actually a logo, rather a favicon that be a part of the logo itself.

What ever it is, it makes the entire project appear way too unworthy a hundred million dollar ad campaign. Seriously what’s the matter with Microsoft? First it knows it needs to bring in a revolutionary idea to beat Google in search, that too is only possible if Google brings all its research to a halt or just leaves it search to grow without like weeds. All this advertising will in no way guarantee Microsoft what is so desperately desires, a healthy share in Web Search.