image15 Friendster to integrate Facebook Apps in its platformDevelopers who have got lines of applications working in the Facebook platform can now amalgamate the same into Friendster. This follows the growing trend of support for applications across different platforms and Friendster support for integrating both the Facebook and OpenSocial code.

David Jones, VP of global marketing for Friendster said in his release:

For the developers that have invested resources in developing and launching a Facebook app, Friendster has now made it very easy for them to ‘port’ these applications to Friendster…For Web 2.0 companies that have developed apps using Facebook and OpenSocial APIs, they now have the flexibility to choose between approaches when launching applications on Friendster.

Friendster had been in talks for the move for quite some time and ever since the agreement with the largest social network in the world, a pretty large part of its platform has been open source for developers. The network which once boasted of being the pioneer in the field lost quite a lot facing technical issues, giving up to the present day giants namely MySpace and Facebook .

There has been quite a lot done with funding and hiring Google’s Richard Kimber as its CEO, I guess the prime focus will be on the Asia market that it dominates by large. I wonder how Facebook developers are going to move apps across the the platforms.