facebook mobileapplogo4 FriendMobilizer; a friendly facebook app for Windows Mobile FriendMobilizer by Macrospecs, Inc has launched a new service that is exclusively designed for Windows Mobile platform. The free software application allows facebook addicts to keep in contact with their friends and chaps when they are on move.

This is not the first time when a service is merely built to support facebook users when they are on go, Blackberry users were already enjoying this kind of service as a downloadable app has already been designed  for them in 2007, but windows mobile users have exigent need for FriendMobilizer kind of app  that fulfills their requirement of a mobilized facebook, making it all more easy and feasible to keep in contact with their friends everywhere and anywhere with smart phones.

The neat and useful app pulls out all the messages and notifications from your facebook account and diligently displays it on to your mobile phone. The service can gain numbers over other similar apps such as Snap2Face, as it offers far more extra and remarkable features that Blackberry version was already offering. The service allows you to :

  • Get notifications sent directly to your home screen
  • Set your status
  • Approve friend requests
  • View Group/Event invites
  • Check your wall and inbox
  • Send your friends messages, pokes, and wall posts

FriendMobilizer is currently available for Windows Smart phones and Pocket PC’s while the company is planning to port its generic software platform to other mobile Operating Systems also. It also has future plans of building mobile apps for other social networks. You can download software app here.

facebook mobileapppage thumb FriendMobilizer; a friendly facebook app for Windows Mobile