image thumb194 FriendFeed Widgets now Available to Embed!

FriendFeed has provided a new badge and widgets for every user. They are your normal embeddable types, which look similar to what you see in FriendFeed when you hover on someone’s name. There is also a Chiclet widget, status widget, "Share on FriendFeed" Link as well as the already available Feed Widget, which you can see by scrolling down on this website.

Here’s a rundown of the various new widgets:

FriendFeed Badge

Create a customized FriendFeed badge to show off the services you use and your recent FriendFeed activity.

"Share on FriendFeed" Link

Add this link to let your readers share content from your site on their FriendFeed.

Chiclet Widget

A compact way to link your site’s visitors to your FriendFeed.

Status Widget

Choose to display your most recent message from your status service.

The codes for each of these widgets is available by clicking on the respectable link. The FriendFeed Badge is the best addition to these widgets, as it shows your picture, name, services, comments, likes, link to your feed, and a subscription link as well. Basically covering everything about you on FriendFeed. Although it could use a ticker of sorts to show your feed, making it even better. Although it can be highly customized if you know CSS well enough, to show what ever FriendFeed information you want. There are also basic customization options available for every widget, making it helpful to edit them. Here’s a preview of my FriendFeed badge. Don’t forget to subscribe to me!

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