iphone screenshot thumb FriendFeed launches iPhone interface Friendfeed, one of the most popular social feed aggregator has now come up with a new version of its site that is optimized for the Apple’s iPhone. The latest update looks constructive with increased font-sizes, easy-going navigation bar and a bigger room to post directly to the site.

Now, users can easily submit their photos to the FriendFeed site by using a new “Post photos from your phone” link. Clicking on the link takes you to a new page followed by directions that includes few steps on how to mail your photos using an application Mail2FF. The Mail2FF application allots an email address (like arafat+tehsin@mail2ff.com) to each Friendfeed user. The users can then just send messages or information to this email address and it gets posted onto Friendfeed.

You can use the new and improved interface of the site by pointing your browser to http://friendfeed.com from your iPhone. Users also have the flexibility to switch to standard FriendFeed interface by an effortless click on the “Normal (non-iPhone) interface” link at the bottom of any page. However, if you don’t own an iPhone, you can still access the site via http://friendfeed.com/i.