sppf French record labels protector to sue 4 U.S. based companiesSPPF (Société civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France), a French group that protects the record labels, thinks that four U.S. based companies that develop P2P applications have made several copyright infringements. The companies are Shreaza, Limewire, Morpheus and Vuze. SPPF thinks that they have a strong case and they are about to sue the above mentioned companies.

In a response to the allegation, Vuze’s CEO, Gilles BianRosa said:

While we appreciate the intent of the new French law, we believe SPPF’s complaint is misguided. Vuze is dedicated to the distribution of legitimate content using new technology. In that sense, our interests are aligned with the interests of all content owners, including SPPF’s members, against piracy.

We are disappointed that SPPF has taken this approach, given that our business is dedicated to the distribution of legitimate content.

SPPF’s claims against Vuze are simply wrong. The Vuze business complies fully with both French and American law. The recent ruling of the French Court was solely on a jurisdictional issue, not on any merits, and we believe it is in error.