image thumb70 Free UGG Giveaway On Facebook: Sorry Scammers Not Interested!

Everything evolves with time and everyone gets cleverer, scammers are no exception. Facebook has perhaps become the best place for them to learn all the tricks to phish users. The latest occupation of these is across the groups,inviting users to rush in for a offer they find hard to overlook. The most recent development is with the fake UGGs group which allures users into joining the group, complete a few offers before they can actually get a free pair of UGG footwear. You wish you did!

The offers are the plain, old, loathsome IQ quizzes that I bet many of us are already tired of and know that they are nothing more than just links to phish you out. The group in discussion has amassed 140,000 users as of now and as I can predict it will grow to double that amount within a couple of days despite reports of it being a false group and that there is no giveaway of any kind whatsoever. So why so many people are flooding in? Don’t these users have the least bit of sense to ask when exactly will those offers end? Of course there can be an actual giveaway by UGG but spammers are making the most of it with using its invite tool to pull in massive amounts of users.

While they might continue to thrive now, Facebook will eventually stamp its feet on all such groups. But isn’t it too late? I mean if I were to create such a viral group and convert less than half of those people towards various sites and offers, I could have actually generated a healthy revenue. The other reason why the numbers on these groups never decrease is that many of the users will most probably never quit a group once joined and the only way is either the group is deleted by the administrator or shut down by Facebook itself.

I would just give in a piece of advice to all users who fall prey to such scams, please do try to authenticate such offers, at least when they come humming about big brands and big offers. And incase you learn its a scam, do spread the word out.

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