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image thumb27 Free Forum Hosting with Lefora!If you’ve got a website and want to create a community forum for your followers and visitors, then Lefora is just the right place for you. It lets you set up a forum without any need of coding or hosting issues in just a few clicks. Lefora Forums can also be highly customized with themes, widgets, newsletters, RSS and many more features.

There’s no hassle of finding a hosting service with Lefora forums as they host the forums themselves. The forums are visually pleasing, more than vbulletin and phpbb forums, which require coding knowledge to be customized. Although one can argue that these forums can be modified to a great extent, but Lefora provides a simple, click to use feature list, which means you wont need to do any coding to set it up, but you can just click and modify it to your liking. Interactivity is enhanced with support for embedded content, videos, photos, threaded discussions, unread tracking and rich text editors. Lefora also claims to include industry leading anti-spam support, so you can moderate less and interact more with other members of the forum.

Lefora also claims to be SEO friendly, which means your forums would be optimized to land on the top of search engine results such as Google’s. There are also 2 types of forum styles, one of which is the new look of Lefora forums, while the other one is the classic look which you see in phpbb forums.

If you’re looking for a forum, check out Lefora, you can’t go wrong with it!

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