image185 Flutter: Send Picture messages from your iPhone for free!iPhone users must have been greatly disappointed when they would have found that Apple kept picture messaging feature out of iPhone 3G as well and the only way left for them to share images is via email. Sad and that’s what one calls bursting bubbles, with no reason to justify the holdup; but times out for worrying as iPhone gets Flutter.

It is the latest iPhone app that enables users to send and receive picture messages without the need to count how many you do, all that for free and anywhere on the world. With geo-tagged location, Flutter lets you send multimedia messages to any number in your contact book (download here)

As the site speaks about itself:

  • Send picture messages from your iPhone.
  • Your message can (optionally) include a link to your location pinned on Google Maps.
  • Friends can view your pictures and location right on their cell phones.

Users can attach images from their albums to the text message or take a new one; apart from that users have an option to send in your location. This helps the recipient identify what place you had sent the message from, by plotting your location on Google Maps.

The link that you provide takes the recipient to its parent site; JuiceCaster and it is here your image is being hosted. This means that the number that the recipient sees is not that of senders, but one generated by JuiceCaster and it causes a bit of irritation as one can’t follow the traditional method of simply pressing reply and moving on.

The service doesn’t cost the sender anything but be careful that the recipient has some package activated to cut MMS cost otherwise your friend might very well be charged for every kilo byte he downloads.

image thumb163 Flutter: Send Picture messages from your iPhone for free!