flixwagon2 Flixwagon out with an app for the Apple iPhone Mobile video service, Flixwagon comes out with the news of releasing an application for the iPhone 3G, coming into a pretty slick competition with Qik. Qik had also released its version for the iPhone 3G a day back and like Qik it faces a similar shortcoming.

The problem is that it functions only functions on the hacked versions of the iPhone, limiting the total functionality of iPhone’s potential. The reason why such applications wok out in the hacked version is that Apple has a restriction of using the camera in the iPhone for video shooting purpose despite the fact it is made specifically for the purpose.

There are many reasons available for such a restriction ranging from the iPhone’s low battery life to the negligence from the developers side as they don’t actually give it a high priority. Pretty frustrating as it sounds but that’s how things are at present and those of us who are into using the phone as a video shooting tool have the jailbreaks available.

The instructions for the installation/configuration are as follows (click on the image to go directly to the page).

insructions Flixwagon out with an app for the Apple iPhone