wanted prereleased thumb First ever ‘P2P Movie Pre Releaser’ arrested in Japan; fined and faces 10 years jailIn Japan, a guy named Kazushi Hirata was arrested on the charges of pre-releasing the Hollywood movie ‘Wanted’ in the country. The arrest was made by the cyber crime police. The 33 year old has made the movie available in Japanese subtitles. He uploaded the movie with his own subtitles on the country’s one of the most popular network, ‘Winny’. According to reports Kazushi is expected be jailed for 10 years and fined $95,000 for this act. Such an arrest involving a movie pre-release is considered to be the first in Japan.

There are a lot of countries which are targeting online media pre-releasers and have succeeded to some extend but going after all of them is not possible. Only time would tell how much effective it would be in Japan.