firefox3logo thumb2 Firefoxs performance in the first 24 hours Firefox 3 with its release has swiftly gained market share. The browser is gaining popularity as it is spreading fast. Within 24 hours of its release, it claimed more than 4% share of the web browser usage. Approximately 8.3 million (unofficial) copies of Firefox 3 were downloaded.

Net Applications, which examines the usage of browser at main web sites, shows that Firefox 3 has rapidly ascended (though the presentation seems a little rough). Indubitably, most activity on Firefox 3 is from Firefox’s current users but even then its a remarkable accomplishment as software companies have to fight constantly to convince users to adopt their merchandise. I think this all happened because of two reasons, firstly the browser itself (by providing awesome service) and secondly due to the hype which was created by Firefox.downloadedstats Firefoxs performance in the first 24 hours

People from 200 different countries have downloaded it. The leading countries include US, Germany, UK, France, Canada, China, Brazil, Japan, Spain and Turkey.

The download rate which was 14,000/minute on Tuesday, declined to 6,600/minute on Wednesday morning. You can check out the current rate at Mozilla’s download counter. The peak downloading rate was 17,000 downloads/minute (i.e. 283/second). It certainly was a team effort, otherwise it was very hard to control such a huge traffic with efficiency.

firefox3doanloadstats Firefoxs performance in the first 24 hours