carocean logo Find yourself a pair of wheels with CarOcean CarOcean, a UK-based classifieds search engine with a pair of wheels attached to it. The service offers searching and access to advertisements from the most popular car dealer/moto sites. Searching has been boosted up by filtering existing ads. The advertisements kept in the database are mostly updated, so as to provide reliable service.

So far CarOcean has acquired ads from: Ebay, AutoTrader, Auto Exchange & Mart. The interface is pretty simple, with the search bar in the middle of the site’s page, and a few options down below. The Advanced Search option basically lets you choose every bit of customizing and detail that you need and want in a car.

carocean home Find yourself a pair of wheels with CarOcean

In the Advanced Search, in Cars there’s a Basic Information section where you choose the car make, mileage, price range, etc. With the Engine Information you choose how much horse power you require, alongside the transmission, engine, and fuel type. From Features and Equipment you can make selections of the required features or upgrades you want. At the end, Sorting Options allows you to sort cars from price ranges to engine sizes, etc. Switch to Bikes and the same applies.

carocean grab Find yourself a pair of wheels with CarOcean

If you don’t feel like typing in a search, check out the Browse All page to Search for cars and bikes, with model names already listed on the page. All you have to do is click car/bike names to select models. For selecting further features, use the Filter.

On the homepage just below the search bar, the website shows number of cars & bikes you can search. You can also choose cars from Popular Searches list or Recently Searched, which consist of a variety of car makes and models.

For my point of view, the website is a-okay. It should provide people looking for cars in the UK with great deals. A frequent and in-depth upgrade of the ads database would be better for the users though. So go ahead, check out the website for yourself.