image thumb25 Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating With iBot Monitor.. Especially On Facebook

At times the right news comes in at the right time. I was today doing a bit of research on how the Internet Addiction is affecting, the young and old, men and women alike. The most intriguing part was the issue with relationships online and how partners are often found having affairs on the Web, especially social networking sites like Facebook, there is such an abundance of couples indulging in methods of deceit, etc. I can bet many of the partners who happen to be on the social network keep an eye on each other’s profiles for any double crossing activity.

Capitalizing on this level of mistrust, BrickHouse Security’s Stealth iBot Computer monitor has seen a surge in sales by as much as 250%. The tool comes on a USB device and installation of this is only about a couple of seconds. Once installed, the tool captures screenshots of all activity that a user performs on the system. The number of screenshots it can take is up to 10,000, which I guess is more than enough for you to make all sorts of allegations or even file a lawsuit against your lover.

Wow, isn’t Facebook helping almost everyone? The businesses for sure will do good, especially if they are touching up on all the sensitive issues associated to Facebook. I have confronted many psychologists and they report often about couples or individuals coming over and talking about how there partners are addicted to the Web, primarily affairs on social networking sites. And many a times the result has been as severe that couples have ended up being divorced. That’s just one gloomy side of the social network.

The social network attracts a variety of age groups, it not just youngsters, but the old are there alike, rather they are more active. The reason why the older people, over 50 years of age stay active on Facebook is primarily the fact that it provides them with a chance to get connected with old friends and reminisce the good old days. But this new gadget apparently has turned the worst fears of people a reality as many have come to know that they have been cheated upon, sad for them and I guess it’s better that couples should rather talk of these cheating instincts instead of discovering them from elsewhere.

The concept of having affairs online isn’t a new one and it has been existent since the days of email and MIRC, but it has got a lot of flare in the last couple of years. While everything is good as long as it is not taken seriously by anyone and more importantly it doesn’t put cracks in relations and bonds, but things are quite contrary to this and the openness of social networks has actually given a rise to high levels of mistrust amongst individuals.