image thumb84 Find a Job at a Startup through HotStartupJobs Looking for a job in a Startup ? Look no further than HotStartupJobs. As obvious by the name, this site is focused on job listings on Startups only. Job Hunters know how difficult it is to find the dream job on various huge websites, which span over several categories and not just technology. Well, all those other categories can be forgotten here.

Ranging from the most technical, ie web programming, UI designers and coders to writers and bloggers, this is a heaven for  your startup love. This site pulls jobs from multiple sources which support the RSS format.

At the moment job listing from Techit, Mashable, Killer Startups and ResumeBucket can be seen on the homepage. Their are already 35522 job listings on the site, so no shortage of options there. The site itself is very easy to navigate, with RSS feeds for every Job Channel. Although the search engine has a lot to be desired. Just run a search for blogging and you’ll find more results for other jobs than blogging. The latest post on their blog says that a new feature for posting a job is coming as well.

In short, HotStartupJobs is a good centralized location to start your job hunt at Startups. It saves you the hassle of searching various websites and letting you use one to find your desired job.

image thumb85 Find a Job at a Startup through HotStartupJobs