image thumb FileFriend Is Your Online File Manager

FileFriend is the perfect combination of Facebook, DropBox and Google+. It serves as a helping hand in collecting and organizing your favorite files that you have stored in the virtual spaces (Cloud that is). Call it your personal assistant taking care of all the items you have scattered all over the cloud, FileFriend is something many would like to have.

image thumb1 FileFriend Is Your Online File Manager

You can group your files as well as your friends and if you feel like sharing something with them it’s just one click away. You can form your own circles of file friends with selective privileges granted by you. You can also share your files by sending your friends a downloadable link. After receiving the link, download is not a mandatory action – your friends can keep your files “anchored” in their account for further viewing. If you wish to share your photo or video albums with your Facebook or Google+ friends you can notify them using well known Facebook and G+ buttons. It’s easy and hassle free. Sharing couldn’t be more simple!

We will be doing a detailed review about  FileFriend at Engine021.

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