feedmyinboxlogo FeedMyInbox  Feed your Inbox with Favourite Websites UpdatesFeedMyInbox is a newly incubated service that helps you to keep track of your favourite websites through emails. The service sounds much like a RSS Feed that keeps on providing you with the real updates of all the sites, you have subscribed for.

The one page site is self explanatory and is dead simple to attract users. Just enter your your email ID and the URL of your desired website and FeedMyInbox will start sending feeds right in your inbox. People who don’t like to subscribe by visiting every single site and feels that to be a RSS Feed member is a hectic process will certainly find it useful.

Overall, its a simple site with a dedicated concept of streaming feeds. However, question arises as why would one like to cluttered his/her inbox with so many annoying feeds. It would be more hectic and awful to clean and keep track of all feeds. Constant updates could be turned in to a blemish burden. Furthermore, people can use it with a bad intention of spamming others inboxes. Although, it gives you a verification link on subscribing to any site but it can even dump your inbox with unwanted links.

Users can avoid their inbox from being a can of feeds by making an entirely dedicated Email ID for FeedMyInbox or by making their subscription limited to specific websites only.  The service would be quiet useful for the iPhone and Mobile users as they can easily access their email inboxes and therefore can get updates from their favourite sites when they are on move.

feedmyinboxpage thumb FeedMyInbox  Feed your Inbox with Favourite Websites Updates