image thumb94 Feedly is a Firefox Version of Google Reader

feedly is a Firefox extension that brings integrates Google Reader in your browser. It works by simply syncing your feeds with Google Reader and any changes made in either of the two are reflected in the other. It boasts of a magazine type layout which does seem very friendly at a glance. It also provides the options of adding Twitter, Friendfeed and the likes to your RSS feeds.

feedly is also very highly customizable as it can serve as a screen saver as well. The aesthetic customizations go a long way, but then any serious RSS reader wouldn’t care too much about them. There are 3 types of views, Cover, River and Wall. The cover view provides you with a categorical view of the feeds based on their sources, where as the River view provides all the feed snippets in a line. On the right side, the recommendations or sources are shown. The top title bar shows a Google Search box. Here’s a list of some features by ReadWriteWeb

Feedly’s River of News

This new river view offers the following features:

  • Longer lists of 200+ articles, loaded on demand as you scroll.
  • Ability to set various type of filters: unread, category, subscription.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – the same as Google Reader
  • Ability to click on the summary of an article and expand it inline.
  • Ability to play video and listen to podcasts directly from the list.
  • Google Reader-like ability to automatically mark articles as read while scrolling
  • Summize-like notifications when new articles are published.

Although the idea is very good, but I don’t see it moving anyone from Google Reader. It just doesn’t compare with it. Google Reader just does feeds and does them well. And even Safari’s RSS reader is better than feedly as I’ve found. It can also show different views and is one of the best browser feed readers I know. While feedly is more like a web service than a Firefox extension, I wonder why they didn’t just make it so. That way, they would attract IE, Safari and Opera users too. Those who just want a visual experience of their feeds, feedly will serve them well, for all others, Google Reader is the king.

image thumb95 Feedly is a Firefox Version of Google Reader