image thumb F*CK! Hideous Sites Still Exist In 2012!

You know it when you get such requests and pitches. I personally hate the idea of startups putting up pitches and being so ridiculous! I mean you have an idea, want to help people, solve a problem but please, with all due respect invest some time in making your Website look pleasant instead of some unattended piece of garbage can. Especially when you want to be considered for a review.

Some guys just wont get it. The latest shock comes from this super spammer who has sent me two pitches with the same site bearing the same hideous look, so hideous that I even doubt its purpose of creation; help business and people connect or to kill them on their first visit. I know I am wasting time, but it needs to be made public just so that not another blogger falls prey to this monstrous thing. As for the pitch, please have a read (to visit the site please search for


Has a prime motive in helping local people in Sattur to find best business solutions for their various needs.

What it does? :

E-Town Sattur acts as an ideal solution for internet users and business people in search of relevant information in different applicable categories. Business owners can have their trade deals listed online for driving customer traffic.

Why do we need it:

Sattur town, famous for fireworks and match industries also has a large number of local businesses in and around its various taluks. E Town Sattur serves as an online yellow page service for internet users and business people in Sattur and helps them find relevant information on various business categories.

How it beats the competition is designed with advanced technology features that aids in quick navigation and works in a user-friendly way to gain over its competitors.

Who is it for:

Local people in Sattur in search of business information and entrepreneurs looking for options to promote their trade.

What’s next

To develop this online service to be a greater one with advanced facilities for serving people in and around the business district

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