favtpelogo thumb Favourites from Pandora + Last.fm = Favtapes Playlists Favtape allows users to have an unlimited access to their favourite music on demand. The service works by mixing your bookmarked or favourite songs from Pandora and Last.fm and creates an interesting mixtape out of it.

The service is a new mashup that has combined Pandora, Last.fm, Seeqpod and Slinkset to facilitate all music freaks with interesting playlists of favourite songs. On entering your Last.fm or a Pandora username, Favtape will allow you to opt for your loved songs, most recent tunes or the top tracks. You can also share the list’s URL with your friends and thus can easily share your choice with all buddies.

Each enlisted track contains various attributes with it that makes it all more interesting and exciting. It boon users with the links to different sources such as ringtones from Thumbplay, available CDs or MP3 from Amazon, iTunes, Youtube Videos. While users can also find Lyrics of a specific song from LyricWiki and get a unique link for a specific song to easily share it with your friends.

Favtape also allows you to search for all the songs related to any particular artist while you can also dig for other similar songs you are listening to.Thus its a multi-featured service that offers almost everything related to your favourite music under one roof.

Features like exploring top 100 tunes and discovering music from other people’s Favtape playlists makes it more unique and interactive. The service also offers you to expand your social network as you can mash it up with your blog, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube and Swurl. Users can also Vote for their favourite play list by using a Digg like feature called ‘discovery’ while they can also Tweet songs(though it isn’t working because of the Twitter’s bug).

Overall, the site is worthy to use. Its easy navigation and recommendations of other related music makes it all more appealing. Music lovers will surely enjoy it as it facilitates a single click song listening without cumbersome songs hunting.

favtpepage thumb Favourites from Pandora + Last.fm = Favtapes Playlists